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To My Sheep
a word from the Lord to Allen

The word of the Lord  to Allen


“To My sheep scattered and alone. Come back to Me your Pastor, Priest, and Lord. Forsake the words of men which usurp my word and return to Me, follow my way. See that my burden is light and the way I’ve chosen for you will bring you comfort. Cling again to the brothers, be one as my Father and I are one.”


“Why have you accepted traditions that are not Mine? Where have I commanded you to establish popes, priests, bishops and pastors? Have I not gifted those among you to speak as the utterances of God and to serve one another? Why have you forsaken my ways to establish your own? Not only have you considered your gift from Me to be detestable, you’ve also loathed and silenced your brothers and sisters.”


“Come back to Me, open your house as a refuge both for you and your brothers and sisters. I will gather with you, I will be in your midst. I will heal, I will strengthen, I will cause you to stand in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation. You will shine before those who call good evil and evil good, who despise the bond of a husband and wife, who love violence and despise authorities. You will shine when you are one. Become one.”


“Yet there are those among you who love to have the preeminence, who think of themselves more highly than they ought, who draw men to themselves as wolves in sheep’s clothing. They show no shame in speaking words I have not said. Inventions of their own devising. Though there be many together they shall not be unpunished. You cannot serve Me and denominations. Have I not said that to exercise authority over man as the world does should not be so among you? Let it not be so among you. But just as Israel forsook me to set up a king, so have you done. Let it not be so among you.”