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The Christian Life is Like Snowboarding
by Aaron Rhoades
when 14 years of age

You would be the snowboarder, because it just makes sense that way. I would say that the snowboard is like your connection with God, because without it you can’t really be in the Christian life, or snowboard. Tripping and falling, is simply tripping and falling in your Christian life, we have to learn from our mistakes and get back up again. The bindings would be kind of like the bible because with them it’s a lot easier to stay on your snowboard or in your walk with God, and harder to trip and fall. The skiers are like un-witnessed people, and we need to convince them that snowboarding is way better, okay that part was just a joke. The snow is kind of like your faith because you move a lot smoother with it there. The skiers (seriously this time) and the other snowboarders are like the other people in your life, and if they don’t have the gear then they fall more often and they trip you and others more often and they need someone to tell them that if they have that gear then they’ll move a lot easier. Tree’s and other obstacles are like things that try to break your relationship with God, you have to avoid these things while going down the hill. Snowboarding is also really pretty short and, well, so is life. Well that’s all I could think of so…THE END!