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The Christian Life is Like Running Track
by Stephen Ketchen
when 14 years of age


I think track can relate to the Christian life because Paul calls our journey "the race" in one of those later books.  Track requires a large amount of training and preparation for each new race, and we as Christians have elders and mentors who act as our "coaches".  Runners need to fill their bodies with a healthy and balanced diet, not just whatever they feel like eating.  We need to regulate what comes into our minds in the same manner.


On the field, I feel that the staggered starting lines can mean that as Christians, we all start from different points, but all end up at the same place, the single finish line.  The weather outside can be very influential on a sprinter's performance, as well as loud and cheering fans, and other runners, which is why keeping your eye on the goal is most important.


During a race, it is imperative to stay in your lane at all times, as is knowing where to go in your Christian walk, using the Bible to guide you.  After a race, when all is said and done, you can still have satisfaction knowing that you finished the race.