Church in Albany

Gathering all around the Albany New York area in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

Let us seek God together
Meet with Christ as our head
Be "knit together in love"

One Body

As followers of Christ and coming from or out of different denominations, we realize that all believers in Christ are called into one body. We seek to live this out by recognizing the unity of believers regardless of our disagreements (Rom 14:1 - 15:7). We need to "love in actions and truth" with the unity that Jesus is Lord, Master, and Controller.

One Authority

Since Jesus is Lord we have no authority to gather around catholic sacraments or protestant sermons. All authority belongs to Jesus and he has given the authority to teach what he has commanded - nothing more nor less can be taught with authority (Matt 28:18-20). And this is his commandment, that we love one another.

Many Edifying

We gather to build each other up in love, with an openness for each to share a song, a teaching, a tongue, a revelation, or an intepretation (1 Cor 14:26).
Many gatherings are in homes and include eating a full meal as the Lord's supper.
We talk with each other, some here and some there. Not a program but just being people.