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The Christian Life is Like Gymnastics
by Leah Ketchen
when 9 years of age

In gymnastics you have a teacher.  The teacher is like God.  Without a teacher, what could you do?  You wouldn't know how to do anything.  What could you do without God?  Nothing.


In gymnastics there are matts.  The matts are like the Bible.  You have to stay on the matts.  If you tried to do your routine on the hard floor, you would get hurt.  Always stay on the matt.


You also have the room around you.  The room is like the world.  If gymnastics was your life, you would live in the room.


There are also uniforms which are leotards and tights.  If you went walking down the street in your uniform, people would know you're a gymnast.  In real life, people know you're a Christian by how you act.


When you stretch every day, you can stretch farther and farther.  Just like you take life one step at a time, and take it slowly.


Exercising is like learning; like learning the Bible.  You practice and get better.  You study the Bible and memorize.


Other students are just like other people.  They are people who need God.  I'm with them, in the same class.  And I'm in the world, but not of it.


There are helpers that help the teacher, and they are like Jesus and the Holy Spirit.


Being a beginner is like you were just saved, and if you study and practice, you will be a professional.