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The Christian Life is Like Football
by Jeremy Rhoades
when 14 years of age


How ballet would be compared to the Christian life:

Well, in ballet- …wait


How football would be compared to the Christian life:


If football was like a Christian life, you would be like the quarterback, trying to get to the goal. The other team would be like the world, and other things that try and stop you from getting to the goal, and bring you down …literally.

 Your team would be like other Christians, clearing the path for you, and helping you get to the goal. Without them, the other team could easily get to you, and you wouldn’t really get anywhere (except backwards).

 The cheerleaders would be like demons, because they’re really scary …just kidding.

The coach is like God, because he tells you what to do. Sometimes people might not understand what he says, and call the wrong play, or, on a passing play, then they might try to run, because they don’t know that someone is open for a pass.
 The football could be like your faith. The better football you have, the easier it is to get to the goal. When you fumble the ball, it could be like if you lose, or almost lose, your faith, and you have to get it back again, before the other team (or the world) takes it away, which makes it even harder to get back.

 All the gear would be like the armor of God, if you go into the field without the equipment on, you would get plenty of injuries. And if you go into the world without the armor of God, then things wouldn’t turn out so good either.

 The extra point could be like the crowns that you get, some are easier to get than others, and some give you more points.

 Well, that’s pretty much all I could think of, so… I’m done