Church in Albany

Gathering all around the Albany New York area in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

The Christian Life is Like
when years of age

      This is how I think Chess relates to the bible.  Well, first of all my opponent (Kevin's) king is like the devil, because satan is the king of demons.  My king is like God, because I have to protect my faith.  My opponent (Kevin's) queen is like satan's head demon because it's the second most important piece.  My queen is like Jesus because my queen is on the right hand side of my king (God), (only if I'm black).  My Rooks, Bishops, and Knights are like angels and my opponent (Kevin's) Pawns are like unsaved people whom you have to capture (save) and bring to the right side.  Lastly, my Pawns are like me and other Christians sacrificing for God.